The Wildescast

An interview with Holocaust survivor Dr. Moshe Avital

Episode Summary

Tonight we're rebroadcasting an interview that Rabbi Wildes did on Facebook Live. It's a special event for Holocaust Remembrance Day. You'll hear the story of survival, heroism and faith from Dr. Moshe Avital, a Holocaust survivor. He was a teenager that withstood the horrors of the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. In this very special episode of The Wildescast, listen to Dr. Avital tell Rabbi Wildes about his experience during World War II. And he offers up hope for the world in these trying times. Dr. Avital is a writer and author and has been a steady contributor to the Hebrew press in America and Israel. Dr. Avital writes about the Holocaust, Israel, Zionism, Jewish Education, American Jewry, commentaries on the Bible, Jewish Prayer, Jewish personalities, and Jewish holidays.