The Wildescast

A Conversation with Gabriel Boxer

Episode Summary

In this episode Rabbi Wildes speaks with Gabriel Boxer. Boxer, known as "Kosher Guru" is a leading kosher industry food & restaurant consultant and social media sensation with over 40,300 followers on Instagram and runs one of the largest and fastest organically growing Kosher Foodie Facebook Groups "Kosher Guru's Kosher Nation." He is all about bringing anything and everything kosher to the masses in a fun-filled and Kosher way. Hosting the only kosher foodie & restaurant radio show “The Nosh” with Kosher Guru airing every Thursday evenings at 9:30 P.M. on station 620AM in the NYC area, along with his iTunes & Google Play podcast channel. You can follow him on Instagram & Facebook @kosherguru, on Twitter @thekosherguru, or subscribe to his YouTube channel and on his blog at Gabriel is also a weekly food writer For Whisk, the food section of Ami Magazine and writes a monthly article in Fleishigs Magazine on Restaurants and Travel. He also hosts vacation programs and lectures on the kosher restaurant scene.